Venoregul, 1 L

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Blood circulation stimulant.

Clogging and laminitis are two problems not to be neglected. In these two cases, it is important that blood circulation be optimal.Clogging, a phenomenon of swelling due increased blood flow to the laminae in the members is common not only in very active sport horses, but also in horses prone to blood circulation disorders.Laminitis is painful for the horse due the stagnation of inflammatory liquids in the foot which requires a good blood circulation in order to handle this stagnation.VENOREGUL is a venous tonic which stimulates the blood flow.Properties:Plants used in the production of VENOREGUL were selected for their stimulating virtues on blood circulation.Arnica is used for its effects on the re-absorption of the blood effusion and in prevention of bleeding. The Horse chestnut relieves the symptoms of the venous insufficiency and increases capillary resistance. Ginko Biloba, contributes to activate capillary and venous circulation, and has a vasodilator action.

Technical description:

Ingredients:Amino acids, minerals, trace elements, plants extracts : arnice, horse chesnut, whitebubble, gingko biloba.

Usage instructions:

Feeding guide:Feed mixed to the daily ration or directly in the mouth of the horse 25 ml of VENOREGULmorning and evening for 4 days then 25 ml once per day for 4 to 8 days or longer if necessary.Formulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a cool place - Shake well before use - Reseal after each use.

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