Flacon distributeur de liquide Vitamine E, sélénium et lysine 5 litres

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optimal cellular and muscular integrity.

VITAMINE-E-SELENIUM & LYSINE is a complementary feedingstuff for horses wich allows:- support an optimal muscular operation during the effort.- contribute to prevent the risk of muscular complications after the effort.- bring all the elements necessary to maximize muscular performances.- foal in growth: contribute to the development of the muscular mass, particularly for the foal deprived of vitamin E and having a treatment for muscular weakness.- horses convalescents and olds: use to recover dense and solid muscular masses.Properties:The vitamin E is essential for the protection of cells and tissues through its antioxidant properties. Vitamine E is essential for strength and vitality.Selenium ensures that vitamin E is utilised efficiently.The essential amino acid I-Lysine is required for protein formation which is directly associated with muscle growth and development.Foals, yearlings and horses in hard training may require supplemental I-Lysine to meet increased demands on the muscular and lipid energy metabolisms.The combination of these 3 elements provides a supplement to add to the daily feed of any horse training, whatever is performance.

Technical description:

IngredientsDextrose, sodium chlorideAnalytical constituents:Moisture 11%Crude fat 4,2%Crude ash 3,9%Crude protein 3,7% Analytical constituents: (liquid)Moisture 71 %Crude fat .3,3 %Crude ash 3,8 %Crude protein .4,15 %Crude fibre .0,3 % Additives per kilo:Vitamins: 3a700 Vitamin E 45.000 mgAmino acids: 3.2.3 Lysin 50 000 mgTrace elements: E8 Selenium (sodium selenite) 10 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding guideTo be given daily, mixed in the feed at the rate of:Horses in training and competition:Stallions and Broodmares:Ponies and Smaller Horses:Formulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a cool dry place - Replace lid immediately after use..

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