Equisport Electrolyte liquide, 1 L

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Electrolytic recovery.

For compensation of electrolyte losses in equines and for use as a supplemental source of nutrients ideally required to support recovery after racing, hard training, travel, endurance, foaling.Properties:During periods of training, performance, and high ambient temperatures, horses lose large quantities of electrolytes through sweat.Because some electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, are in short supply in basic feeds, it is important to provide a salt block for horses to use at liberty. In these conditions horses need additional Electrolytes added to their daily diet. EQUISPORT ELECTROLYTE provides a balanced, readily absorbable supply of the major electrolytes in a concentrated and highly palatable liquid Supplement.Adding glycine allows for better absorption of electrolyte salts.

Technical description:

Analysis per liter :Sodium (chloride) 200 gDextrose 100 gPotassium (chloride) 35 gCalcium (chloride) 11 gMagnesium (chloride) 6 gGlycine 2,5 gZinc (chloride) 2,5 gManganese (chloride) 1,3 gCopper (chloride) 0,6 gCobalt (chloride) 0,09 g IngredientsWater, dextrose, minerals, glycine, arnica, apple flavour.

Usage instructions:

IndicationsShake well before using. Loosen dosage cap, squeeze bottle to fill cup to desired dosage and pour.Feed 50 ml after an effort or an important stress.Water should be available at all times.Formulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenShake well before use - Reseal after each use.

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