Protect Fourbure, 500 ml

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Contributes to the elimination of laminitis.

For use as a feed supplement in the nutritional management of horses prone to laminitis PROTECT FOURBURE contains essential nutrients to maintain the body’s natural defence mechanisms to protect against “laminitis” syndrome. To be used in prevention during period of large amounts of grass feeding. Helps to eliminate toxins in liver PROTECT FOURBURE is a natural formula. Ginkgo biloba is used to enhance blood flow and is good for the circulation. Mary Thistle is used in cases of liver disease, and is claimed to protect the liver against toxins.Anise is used as an herbal diuretic, relieves pain and aids in the prevention of fungal infections.

Technical description:

Herbal extracts (Ginko Biloba, Anise, Mary thistle...), Sorbitol, Methionine, Choline, Betaine, Vitamin B12, citric acid, sorbic acid, Calcium propionate, flavours, Manganese (as sulphate), Copper (as sulphate), Zinc (as suphate), Iron (assulphate), Magnesium chloride, Salt, Magnesium.

Usage instructions:

In maintenance : 25 ml per day in feed (15ml for a pony) for one week per month.In case of active syndrome : 50 ml per day in feed (40 ml for a pony) for one week or more if needed. Precautions : Formulated for horses. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Shake well before use.Contains no prohibited substances.

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