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HorseMaster Lactomuscle, 5 L

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HorseMaster Lactomuscle, 5 L


For horses prone to Tying-up or Azoturia.

For use as a feed supplement in the nutritional management of horses prone to “tying-up” during strenuous exercise.Properties:LACTOMUSCLE is a feed supplement containing sodium citrate. During work, such as racing, body acids are produced, as a normal bodily function.The process can become a problem when energy is produced hypoxia (the absence of oxygen), and the accumulating acid causes a progressive decline in the body pH such that the muscles begin “tying-up” and the horse in unable to run-on. LACTOMUSCLE helps maintain the body’s natural defence mechanisms including flushing of waste in the urine to protect against the “tying-up” syndrome.The vitamin B1 is essential to the nutrition of the nervous system, muscles and glands. It intervenes in the metabolism of glucids during muscular contraction. Its deficiency causes an accumulation of toxic waste, coming from the incomplete decomposition of glucids in blood and tissues, causing important central nervous system disorders. The vitamin B5 (calcium panthotenate) intervenes in the synthesis of the long chain fatty acids, employed to reduce the rate of acid lactic and to increase the effective use of oxygen.

Technical description:

Sodium citrate,sucrose26C01.20303FTR0903V01Analytical constituents :Moisture 52 %Crude ash 13 %Crude proteins <0,5 %Crude ash <0,5 %Crude fiber <0,5 %Sodium 4.8 %Additives per kilo:Vitamins:Vitamin B1 2 300 mgVitamin B5 3 900 mg.

Usage instructions:

Feeding guide:Horses in training may be given 30 ml daily, routinely mixed in their feed, normally in the evening. In certain cases, anamount of up to 60ml may be given directly over the back of the tongue, just before hard work or racing.Maintenance: 30 ml per daySpecial note:Due to the special needs of horses that experience “tying-up” it is normally appropriate to include electrolyte salts anda vitamine E supplement in their diet.Formulated for horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a cool dry place - Reseal after each use.

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