Seau Equisport Gestation - Lactation 3 kg

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supplementation for pregnant mare.

EQUISPORT GESTATION is ideally used during gestation and lactation for mares due for covering.Properties:EQUISPORT GESTATION is a source of highly concentrated minerals and amino acids and contains a healthy balance of phosphorus, calcium, chelated trace elements, and hepatic protectors (such as sorbitol and choline), all specially formulated for brood mares.Contents:Organic selenium (fixed on yeasts) to provide optimal biodisponibility of selenium and to support the development of a stable and alanced digestive floor.Live yeasts to provide better valorization of the ration.Mycostab to reduce effects of mycotoxins often present in cereals.

Technical description:

Calcarea marine algae, wheat middling, mono dicalcium phosphate, dicalcium phosphate , magnesium oxide, oat, dried alfalfa,salt, vegetable oil fat, yeast and like products, sorbitol26C01.1010100FTR0912V02Analytical constituents:Crude ash 56.5 %Crude protein .6.5 %Crude fat 3.1 %Crude fiber 3.8 %Calcium 13%Phosphorus 6%Magnesium 3%Sodium .0.9%Additives per kilo : VitaminsE672 vitamin A 400 000 UI/KgE671 vitamin D3 42 000 UI/Kg3a700 vitamin E 2 400 mg/KgVitamin C 150 mg/KgVitamin B1 110 mg/Kg Vitamin B2 360 mg/KgVitamin B618 mg/KgVitamin B9 90 mg/KgVitamin B12 1 800 µg/KgVitamin K25 mg/KgVitamin PP 270 mg/KgCholine 5 300 mg/KgPanthothénique acide 27 mg/KgAmino acids:3.2.3 L Lysine11 400 mg/Kg3.1.1 DL Méthionine 8 000 mg/KgTrace elements:E1 Iron 3 000 mg/Kg.E4 Copper 2 000 mg/Kg E3 Cobalt .

Usage instructions:

Feeding guide : enclosed scoop holds approximately 200 gPregnant mares: 100 to 150 gr. per day the last 3 months of gestation.Nursing broodmares: 150 to 200 g. per day the first 3 months of breast feeding.Formulated for the horses - Keep out of reach of childrenStore in a cool dry place - Replace lid immediately after use.

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