Dublin Bottines Jodhpur Universal

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Noir Bottines Jodhpur Dublin Universal
Guide des tailles
Size Innersole length
32 22 cm
33 27.5 cm
34 23.3 cm
35 24.4 cm
36 25 cm
37 25.5 cm
38 26 cm
39 26.5 cm
40 27 cm
41 27.5 cm
42 28 cm
42 28.1 cm
43 28.6 cm
44 29.1 cm
45 29.7 cm
46 30.4 cm

To find out your shoe size, measure from the back of your heel to the tip of your big toe. For a realistic measurement, do this while wearing a pair of socks.

Our easy method:

1. Stand on a piece of paper and mark where your longest toe and heel ends

2. Measure the distance between these two marks to find out your foot length

3. Find your foot length and corresponding size in our size table below

4. Repeat these steps for both feet

5. If one foot is bigger than the other, order the size that fits your bigger foot

Please note that the following tables are intended only as a guide and can differ from manufacturers’ measurements. Shoes can sometimes differ from brand to brand by up to a whole size. Make your decision based on your own experience. It’s also worth reading through the customer reviews on the product site to see if other customers have commented on the fit.

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  • Bottines en slush
  • Semelle robuste pour résister à toutes les activités équestres quotidiennes

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