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Incrediwear Incrediwear Circulation Exercise Bandages

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The bandages can prevent injuries in training, shorten the recovery time after exertion & illness and offer a practical ice effect on contact with water.

The special Incrediwear Equine Technology is based on the semiconductors Germanium & Carbon, which are woven into the material. Stimulation by body heat releases negatively charged ions, which stimulate cell vibration and thus increase blood flow: The target tissue is supplied with significantly more oxygen and nutrients. For regeneration and healing processes, the horse's body needs more nutrients in the affected tissue to restore performance. This applies both to phases after intensive stress through training or competitions, as well as in the case of acute injuries, inflammation and the like. The Incrediwear Equine products unfold their effect as soon as they have contact with the horse's body and are therefore extremely flexible in the treatment of injuries or as a pure wellness product. Incrediwear dispenses with compression and additional heat generation, so that the products can also be used for inflammation and various injuries. A special advantage of the Incrediwear Equine bandages: When wet, they look similar to an ice pack. The deep tissue is cooled while the body heat is transported away on the surface of the skin and bandages. No cooling pack is necessary and the effect can be repeated infinitely often.


  • Suitable before, during & after active training
  • Demonstrably increase blood circulation, nutrient supply & lymph flow
  • Can reduce the risk of injuries in training
  • Provide an ice effect on contact with water
  • Suitable for irritation, swelling, etc
  • Infinitely often applicable - no rechargeable batteries / batteries necessary

Description technique:

48% Polyester (Germanium/Carbonized Charcoal embedded) /32% Foam /10% Rubber /8% Nylon /2% Spandex.

Instructions de lavage:

Wash warm or cold in a gentle cycle - up to a maximum of 40°. Spread flat to dry. Do not spin, bleach, iron or dry clean.

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